Road trips can be great. You have much more flexibility and the journey becomes as fun as the destination. Whether the trip is long or short, before you go it is essential to check if the car is in good condition to avoid any mechanical issues. This is something you can do by yourself, but it is always better to have the help of a specialist.

  • 1. Fluids

    Check the oil, coolant, brake fluid and windscreen wash levels. If fitted for your car, check the power steering fluid as well. Don’t leave without changing or adding more of anything that is under the indicated acceptable level, and remember that when changing your car’s oil, you must always replace the oil filter.

  • 2. Tires

    First, check the air pressure and make sure that it fits the specifications suggested by the car’s manufacturer in the manual. The amount of pressure, in PSI (pounds per square inch), should be higher than the number in the manual, but lower than the number marked on the side of the tire. Then check your tire wear by using a coin or tread gauge. Ensure you have at least 1/16th” or 1.6mm tread left. Also, don’t forget to check your spare tire.

  • 3. Air filter

    Air filters keep the inside of the engine free of insects, dust and dirt in general. They are inexpensive and quick to change, so replace it if needed to keep the air flowing freely.

  • 4. Lights and signals

    Check if headlights, indicators, tail lights and reverse lights are working properly. For this, you will need help from another person. Sit in the car, turn on each light or signal and ask if it is working or not. Replace bulbs or fuses if necessary.

  • 5. Windows

    Clean the windows for best visibility. Also, check the condition of the wiper blades and replace them if necessary.

  • 6. Emergency equipment

    Be sure you carry a reflective warning triangle, fire extinguisher and medical kit. A flashlight, screwdrivers, pliers and an adjustable spanner may also come in handy.

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