If you are planning to travel you might be unsure if your best option is to travel by car or by plane. Which alternative is more convenient? And which one is more expensive? It might surprise you, but the answer is not always the same.

  • Price

    To determine what is the less expensive choice, consider the total cost of each trip. The aggregate cost of airfare taxes, surcharges and baggage fees could add hundreds of dollars to the final price, but traveling by car you will have to figure the fuel price and add motel stops and meals to the equation. It might surprise you, but sometimes renting a car to travel can help you save money. Take all that into consideration and then compare the final results.

  • Comfort

    Unless you fly first class, airplanes are not known for comfortable seating. A car seat, on the other hand, is significantly more pleasant – especially if you rent a very comfortable vehicle, like a luxury SUV. Being in a car also gives you more privacy. However, while driving you cannot nap or walk around, of course.

  • Time

    For long distances, there is no doubt that traveling by plane is much faster than traveling by car, but for shorter distances, you might actually get to the destination faster if driving by yourself. Flight delays and cancellations are not unusual, and the length of time spent in airports (airlines usually recommend that you arrive at least an hour before) is another factor.

Everyone has different priorities and your ultimate decision will be based on what is most important to you. If you decide that traveling by car is the way to go, consider renting a car from Real Car Rentals in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto or Etobicoke.