• How can I rent a car at Real Car Rentals?

    First of all, you must have a valid G driver’s license or the equivalent class in case you came from another province or country. To rent a car, you must have at least 23 years of age and a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex). You can also pay for the car rental through debit, money order or using a certified cheque.

  • Will I have my driving record checked by Real Car Rentals?

    Yes. Most rental companies protect themselves from many possible circumstances by checking the client’s driving records. This is a safety procedure that will avoid high-risk drivers from renting any vehicles. If the client neglects to meet Real Car Rentals criteria, we have the right to deny the car rental.

  • Do I really need to get rental car insurance coverage?

    Yes. In the province of Ontario, it is forbidden to drive any car without the appropriate insurance coverage. If your insurance company or credit card already covers for rental insurance, there is no need to buy the ones provided by rental car companies. If there is not any kind of insurance coverage, you will be required to hire the rental car company’s own insurance.

  • What is CDW?

    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is an optional service offered by car rental companies. The service is offered when the renter does not have insurance, relieving financial responsibility in case the vehicle is stolen or has any damage during the rental period. If the renter decides to decline CDW, he or she will be fully responsible for the vehicle by reimbursing the car rental company for the damages or theft.