For some, renting a premium vehicle is a necessity, for others it is a way to live a dream. Either way, when renting a luxury car there are many things you have to take into consideration. First of all, what type of vehicle? From executives to SUVs and sports cars, the options are many.


If you are looking for comfort and luxury, look no further. Executive cars like the BMW 528 or Audi A6 are highly popular as a hire option because they offer much more than just status.


Luxury SUVs are equally reliable for work in the city or an off-road thrill. Because of its versatility and comfort, an SUV like the Hummer H2 or Audi Q7 is a great hire option for most people.


Many major luxury car models come in cabriolet versions (2-door convertible) and they are a very popular rent choice in the summer. The feeling of the wind running through your hair gives a unique sense of freedom.

Sports Car

Sports cars, like the Dodge Charger, are the highly desired. Ideal for those who love adrenaline, luxury cars from this category have performance as the most important factor.

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