For many people inside Canada, summer is the time for road trips. But even though today we drive safer cars on safer roads, as more vacationers take the road, the greater is the potential for accidents. But it is possible to be prepared and reduce the risk of being involved in one, and that is why we prepared a guide with a few safe driving behaviors.

  • 1. Do not speed

    Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. At higher speeds, the risk increases much more quickly.

  • 2. Never use your cell phone while driving

    Many people forget that talking on the phone or texting while driving is harmful, but researchers already found out that using a cell phone behind the wheel can delay reaction times by as much as 20%.

  • 3. Never drink and drive

    It might sound obvious, but a huge part of all auto accidents in Canada still involves drivers impaired by alcohol. At low blood-alcohol levels, intoxication reduces reaction time and coordination, and at higher levels alcohol causes blurred or double vision and even loss of consciousness.

  • 4. Wear your seat belt

    Never underestimate the importance of wearing your seat belts. In low-speed accidents, they can prevent minor injuries that would affect the trip. At higher speeds, seat belts prevent you from being thrown around the inside of the vehicle or worse.

  • 5. Do not follow too closely

    As a driver, you need enough time to react if that car in front of you makes a sudden turn or stop. That is why safe driving guidelines advise drivers to keep a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle ahead.

  • 6. Watch out for bad weather

    If it is possible, avoid traveling through fog, heavy rain or on icy roads. If you absolutely have to, or if you get caught by surprise, be extra careful.

    With all that in mind, your trip will be much safer and you can focus on what really matters: relaxing and having fun. And if you need to rent a car, let the Real Car Rentals professionals help you find the best one for your needs.